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Native Remedies - LegCalm (3 Bottles)

Native Remedies - LegCalm (3 Bottles)

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Supports healthy circulation for leg and limb comfort for still, rested legs at night

    • Supports rested legs and limbs at night
    • Maintains peaceful sleep patterns
    • Supports healthy circulation, especially to the legs
    • Supports absorption of minerals from the diet

Your LegCalm formula has really been a miracle for me - no more hideous, crawling feeling in my legs every time I lie down to go to sleep at night!!!

Victoria, UK

What is LegCalm?

LegCalm is a 100% safe and effective natural remedy for supporting health and circulation in the legs and limbs and maintaining healthy sleep patterns naturally.

Presented in convenient capsule form, LegCalm contains all natural ingredients and is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards for your safety and health.

Using our unique Full Spectrum Approach (FSA) to manufacturing, LegCalm, like all Native Remedies products, is manufactured using the whole herb rather than standardized extracts, thereby significantly reducing side effects while maximizing efficacy – exactly as nature intended.

Get a leg up on restless days and nights

Comfort and healthy movement in the legs and limbs in general depends on many factors, but especially on circulatory health. Another factor which helps keep legs and limbs healthy is diet and adequate nutrition.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet (with adequate daily levels of magnesium and iron) and a healthy cardiovascular system are therefore all essential to ensure that you experience comfort in your legs and arms (as well as toes and fingers).

Since these are all areas which are relatively far from the heart – the blood has to pump further to deliver oxygen and nutrients to these body parts. Healthy limbs also mean that you will have a better chance of a good, restful night’s sleep.

The natural way

A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables with protein derived mainly from white meat like fish and chicken is a heart friendly diet that will help to support healthy and efficient circulation throughout the body, including the legs.

If you feel restless for fast food, high in fat, sugar, salt and synthetic ingredients, spare a thought for your heart before you give in! Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol and cigarettes.

Putting your legs up now and then to relax is not a bad thing, but make sure to include regular exercise every day – even if it is just walking that extra block to work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Your legs will thank you for it if you rest less and walk more.

Natural remedies can also be of great benefit in supporting healthy limbs and cardiovascular functioning without the risk of side effects or addict

How has LegCalm helped others?

I have suffered for a few years… and tried many recommended products to no avail. So searching on the net, I came across LegCalm. So, I thought I would give it a try. Although it has not completely cured it, I get many more good nights than bad. Which is bliss. Only started taking it a couple of months ago. I have now sent for my second lot. Thank you

Marcy, England

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to the team at Native Remedies for providing me a solution to my… problems and giving a restful night’s sleep back to me and my wife. We had countless disturbed nights off and on for about 4 years, and more than that, the level of frustration was increasing with time… One day while searching on the net for a remedy, I (must say fortunately) came across to your site and thought to try your product [LegCalm]. I never expected that it would work that soon and so effectively and I would no longer be tossing in the bed at night and not having those unpleasant creeping sensations in my legs. I have been taking LegCalm for the last 4 months and can confidently say that I have over 90% relief and I hope to be fully relieved in another month or two. Thanks once again for the great product which I would strongly recommend to others, too”

Pramod, New Zealand

Your LegCalm Formula has really been a miracle for me - no more hideous, crawling feeling in my legs every time I lie down to go to sleep at night!!! I really didn’t know what to do with myself at night and I would twist and turn in bed and kick and shake my legs trying to get comfortable and relax enough to fall asleep. I was always tired in the mornings and often felt I couldn’t function 100% at work due to my sleep being so interrupted every night. LegCalm has changed all that and now I barely know myself. I sleep peacefully without restlessness at all and can sit still through an entire dinner party without having to get up constantly to relieve the funny feeling in my legs. I introduced people I know through an online …support group to your remedy and have had great feedback from those who have tried it! Thank you for a great product

Victoria, UK

My son has been using LegCalm for two months. His grades are up, [there are] no rings under his eyes, and he is a new young man. Thanks, Native Remedies.

—Joe C., GA, USA

“…. I was looking for an alternative without the side effects when I found LegCalm. It's changed [my husband’s] life, he's able to stay awake all day long and not have the problems …at night. We have our lives back now and don't need to worry about him…”

Denise, MO, USA


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