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Five Ways to Reduce Body Odor

Body Odor DeodoRite Native Remedies Natural Remedies


1. Watch what you eat and change your diet.

Lessen your consumption on foods with pungent ingredients. Food that is high in sulfur, such as, garlic, onion, cauliflower, broccoli can affect body odor. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it also causes body odor. Eat more foods that are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has properties that help combat bad breath and body odor. 

2. Remove underarm hair.

Consider shaving your underarm hair. Although it won't make you sweat less, it will greatly reduce your chances getting smelly underarms. Underarm hair prevents sweat from evaporating quickly thus creating a damp environment that odor-causing bacteria loves. 

3. Observe a good personal hygiene.

Bad hygiene can result to body odor. Bacteria thrives in warm and moist environments. The moist areas in body are prone to bacterial growth. Taking showers regularly and washing areas that are prone to over-sweating can greatly reduce body odor.

4. Remove body odor from clothes. 

When you have body odor, most likely, the smell will stick to your clothes. If a stinky smell still lingers after washing , try these remedies.

5. Try natural remedies. 

 Use DeodoRite by Native Remedies. It is a 100% natural, proven and safe remedy for sweat gland health. It contains ingredients that have been specifically chosen to maintain the healthy detoxifying and regulatory properties of all the sweat glands of the skin. DeodoRite is especially good for helping you smell sweet and fresh in areas like the underarms, hands and feet.













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