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5 Foods You and Your Dog Can Enjoy

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Most of us consider our dogs as families and even though a little bit unconventional, they too can eat and share the same food with us. Although, not all human foods are good for a dog’s diet, there are in fact several foods that both humans and dogs can share that are packed with essential nutrients.

Here’s a list of foods that can offer healthful benefits for you and your dog.

  • Eggs

Eggs are found to be the most common good food for dog and serves as an excellent source of protein and calcium. Scrambled, boiled or fried eggs are perfect for you and your dog’s healthy breakfast recipe. And for added calcium, you can also grind the eggshells using a food processor and include it on your dog’s bowl.

  • Lean Meat

Most of us love a good slice of meat and for dogs who are genetically omnivores; meat is a regular part of their diet. Whether it is beef, pork or chicken, just make sure that you choose the portion with the lowest fat content. Fish meat such as salmon, sardines and mackerel are also excellent protein source and full with Omega-3. Studies show that lean meat can help boost yours and your dog’s metabolism.

  • Vegetable Pasta

This is certainly good food, especially if both you and your dog has a sensitive digestive tract. Veggies also provide certain nutrients and vitamins that are not found in meat. However, just make sure to serve a plate of vegetable pasta to your dog without garlic and other spices as these can upset their stomachs can be potentially toxic.

  • Healthy Carbs

Just like us, dogs also need enough fiber to help their digestive tract run smoothly. The best way to get that is from natural foods like whole grains, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, oats, bananas and most any green vegetables. These foods will surely keep both your hearts and entire bodies healthy.

  • All-Natural Peanut Butter Desserts

As they say, “Always leave room for dessert!” And what better way to end your meal than a healthy peanut butter dessert, without salt, sugar and chemicals, you can enjoy with your dog. A peanut butter cupcake will also be a good example of a healthy treat as it has prime source of nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats.


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